Horse Hair Ceramics

Stunning one of a kind ceramic creations capturing your four legged friends with our Horse Hair range.

When throwing a pot that will be decorated with horse hair, I get the surface as smooth as possible with a metal rib tool and then once the body becomes leather-hard I trim the foot and paint on 3 to 4 layers of my homemade Terrasigulata ( an old Roman way to burnish pots). This is then polished to a high shine with a soft cloth or plastic bag once the clay body has become bone dry.

The pot is then placed into the kiln for the bisque firing which is taken upto 1000 degrees. Once cooled, the piece is then returned to the kiln and fired again to 750 degrees where it is then taken from the kiln and the horse hair placed on to the surface which then leaves a carbon impression of the hair.

When the piece has cooled, I use a wax or ceramic sealer to protect the finish and give a beautiful shine. It is a long technique but well worth it.

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