Raku Ceramics

Looking for a unique ceramic piece to add to your living space or as a gift then our Raku  will be perfect for you. The nature of Raku creates stunning one of a kind glazes that make each Raku piece unique.

To create a Raku piece we bisque fire the greenware to 1100 degrees and allowed to cool. It is then glazed using a Raku glaze that is then returned to the kiln to fire to 1000 degrees. Once this temperature is reached, the piece is removed from the kiln and reduced in a bucket containing combustible materials such as straw or shredded paper.

As soon as the red hot piece comes in contact with the combustible materials, spontaneous combustion occurs. The lid is put over the can to create a reduction atmosphere and let the flames seek for the oxygen removing it from the glaze of the piece. The result is black clay body and very interesting colors on the piece. No two pieces of Raku will ever be the same. It’s like Christmas!

Raku ceramics by their creative process and their very nature serve only for decorative purposes and are not intended to be used for food or hold water.

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